Crimson Aria

Crimson Aria

Fyra B. Ginn’s action novel Crimson Aria has supernatural themes and a power-and-control-centered conflict. The plot centers on five teenagers—Ann, Seth, Joy, Connor, and Julius—who, following the explosion of a school bus, survive both the fire and the explosion. They subsequently learn that the fire given them abilities, which disproves their initial assertion that they are not burnt. They choose to leave their family and their neighborhood in pursuit of an uncertain future in a faraway land after being the target of many parties’ attention.


Other mythological creatures who are drawn to their abilities can help on the difficult and challenging path to freedom and peace.The main character, Tyrus, is determined to protect them as payback for the deaths of other mythological creatures that he was meant to guide. The hardest thing for teenagers to learn is how to tell a friend from an enemy.


The unresolved mystery of the Omega Fire and the action motif of Fyra B. Ginn’s debut novel make it commendable. The unanswered mystery of who caused the Omega Fire is the novel’s greatest strength. The characters are beautifully portrayed by Fyra, who portrays Connor as the kind one, Nix as uncertain, and Joy as a bright and upbeat adolescent. Because no man succeeds alone, the story emphasizes the value of watching out for one another even when our ultimate goals disagree.For those who enjoy fiction, Crimson Aria is an excellent read, even with its rushed ending. Action enthusiasts should definitely check out this well edited, action-packed book.

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