Did you know that too much connection is dangerous?

Did you know that too much connection is dangerous?

It could be a biological addiction when you find yourself thinking about someone even after you haven’t spoken to them for months. When you think about them and imagine what would have happened if things had gone differently, you get obsessed on the dopamine rush. This causes you to form an impression of the individual that you mistake for the true thing.


Your brain fabricates a virtual world, leaving you perpetually let down when they come back. You must take mental control over your thoughts and quit ruminating on the past. Hormones secreted by your body connect you to the virtual person you call up, causing tension and a vicious cycle of self-inflicted addiction.


It’s crucial to cease having strong emotional connections with someone when dating and looking for love because these relationships can develop into severe addictions and flashbacks. To prevent being plagued by the ghosts of people you crossed boundaries with indefinitely, mental tranquility is necessary. You can build a stronger bond and prevent the lingering impacts of previous relationships by managing your thoughts and steering clear of powerful connections


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  1. Carson Anekeya

    Such an eye-opening article! It’s intriguing to explore the idea that excessive connection can lead to a form of biological addiction, where our minds create a virtual world, tethering us to someone even when they’re not present. Understanding how our brains fabricate these intense emotional connections sheds light on the importance of mental control and moving forward. Managing our thoughts and emotional boundaries seems pivotal in navigating relationships and preventing lingering impacts from the past. Definitely a perspective worth considering for healthier emotional well-being.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Shukrani Maina

    Gosh, the things happen without one knowing are many

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