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How to Better Navigate Shifts and Changes in Life

How to Better Navigate Shifts and Changes in Life

Things are always shifting. Sometimes we don’t realize when they are shifting. Weather patterns are always shifting. The sun comes up then the moon comes up as it diminishes the sun and the sun reciprocates at its appointed time. It seems however, that every living creation understands seasons and knows that things shift every so often except that many human beings don’t take these shifts quite well.

There are times when humans are caught off-guard when things shift. Preparation is key in navigating shifts well. When you are prepared, you almost don’t panic when a shift is approaching or is at hand, you almost anticipate it. Not to say that shifts or changes are easy or that they can’t be challenging not at all. It is that preparing won’t throw you completely off balance; it could faze you but not completely. You’ll have somewhere to stand.

There are a couple ways one can avoid being completely thrown off-guard by shifts or changes in life:

1.      Understand

‘‘Change is inevitable’’ (Benjamin Disraeli). Life itself is not just full of seasons, it is seasons. Life is made up of seasons. Think about chicken, when it is time for a hen to lay on its eggs through the process of natural incubation or brooding even if you put chicken feed in front of it, it won’t budge until it really needs to eat. It is so focused and accepting of the season it is in. Understand that life has seasons just like the environment it is bound to change sometimes up and other times down but it won’t stay one way forever. Some seasons are harder than others, yet understanding this helps you navigate it better.

2.      Preparation

The other way to avoid being thrown completely off-guard by shifts and changes in life is to prepare. For instance, if you hear of recession talks going round, you don’t ignore it or say it’s just happening there, people are mutually dependant and so are countries. You have to look at areas or ways in which you can scale down just in case recession hits you. This is not a call to live in fear and constant worry, you live prepared not worried.

3.      Adjusting

Being adjustable or flexible helps to navigate shifts better. Rigidity only causes stagnation, again change is inevitable. It is bound to happen. Think of times when there have been big shifts. When social media took the world by storm, there are people who resisted it, however, with time it affected many areas of life, social and even how we trade, businesses have to have websites to maintain relevance. Social media allows one to articulate the value that they bring to the world so that they can be connected to opportunities, network and be relevant. In Kenya around 2012 the Communications Authority of Kenya (CAK) the authority that is in charge of frequencies and digitization in the country, announced that the country’s frequency system would be moving from analogue to digital. The move was met with so much protest. Now however, over a decade later it has been enforced and life moved on.

Adjusting is also another way of better navigating shifts. If you realize that what you are dealing with is not changing, anytime soon, then you adjust how you approach. Shifts are constantly happening don’t let them always find you off-guard. If you know strong waves are coming and you are in the ocean, won’t you get out to avoid being swept away. Such are the shifts of life when they come and you are caught off-guard, they will sweep you away into confusion, worry, fear etc. But when you understand that shifts happen, then you prepare and adjust accordingly you won’t be swept into worry, confusion, fear etc. You will have an anchor.

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