Principles for a lasting and fulfilling relationship

Principles for a lasting and fulfilling relationship

Almost everyone in a relationship desires for it to be long-term and fulfilling. To achieve these desires, there are principles that have to play a part in molding the union. Here are a few key principles for a lasting and fulfilling relationship:


Communication tops the list. Without proper communication, feelings and worries cannot be relayed between the parties. It’s crucial to hear your partner talk on a daily basis, something that can prevent misinterpretation of issues.


Respect Can never be bargained for. For a healthy relationship, mutual respect is something of total concern. Respect comes with the issue of boundaries. To feel great in any relationship, your partner must not cross boundaries.


Trust. For a relationship to be lasting. A couple must be open to each other on every level that leaves them vulnerable, and to be vulnerable, you have to trust each other because if trust is lacking, then there will be closed doors in the relationship.


Empathy . When we talk about empathy, It’s the act of understanding a situation and being considerate when making decisions that compromise what you want to do to solve the immediate problem. Both parties should be ready to let go sometimes, if need be.


Support . It would be tiring and emotionally draining to have an unsupportive partner. Mutual support is what gives a relationship meaning and purpose.


Ending my list I would personally feel unloved and unappreciated if someone did not make quality time for our relationship. Sharing moments is what strengthens the bond. It is in being together that you continue figuring out your partner and where your relationship is headed.


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      Communication is always important

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