12 Tips To Guarantee A Happy And Satisfying Life

21 things I learnt about Wealth & Happiness

21 things I learnt about Wealth & Happiness

The Almanack of Naval Ravikant is one of the best books ever written. It’s literally a guide to WEALTH & HAPPINESS. 

I read the whole book just so I could save you time. 

Here are 21 things I learnt from The Almanack Of Naval Ravikant:


1. Prioritize Assets over Money. 

2. Making money is a skill to learn, not a thing to do.

3. Hard work without the right direction doesn’t get you anywhere.

4. All gains come from compound interest. Financially, relationship-wise, etc.

5. Gain specific knowledge. Specific knowledge is the knowledge that you care about.

6. Use the benefits leverage offers.

7. There are 3 Forms of Leverage:

a) Labor: People working for you

b) Capital: Money works for you

c) Products with no Marginal Cost of Reproduction

8. Specific Knowledge + Leverage = Reaching Your Goals

9. Productize yourself.

10. Build foundations in multiple fields instead of focusing solely on one subject.

11. You need equity to earn nonlinearly.

12. Follow Curiosty, not trends.

13. Do things for their own sake. Do them because you like doing them.

14. Optimize your independence rather than pay.

15. In all aspects of life, avoid ruin. Keyword: Downside Focus

16. Work on your good karma. 

Karma will pay off because people are consistent.

17. Make luck find you. You do that by being persistent and building a reputation.

18. Networking is a waste of time. Build and let the right people find you in the process.

19. Great work will have great outcomes. Just be patient.

20. Do something that feels like play to you and like work to others.

21. You are completely in control of your own happiness, and yo u have no control over the happiness of others.


Surely, it’s one of the best books you can ever read. Get yourself a copy. Make it your Bible.

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