Making money through errands

Making money through errands

There is a need for you to orchestrate a system whereby your money works for you so as not to continue being a slave to money. There are four (3) profitable errands you can send your money to yield effective results in value

1. Value Personified Errands (The Foundational errands)This involves investing your money on errands that will add more value to you as a person, that is, using your money to build up yourself in one valuable skill, programme or process. When allocate money on Value personified errands, you become an embodiment of values! Making yourself a highly sought-after personality. This errand will make you valuable, useful and unique.

“Value personified errands is all about using your tangible money to acquire intangible money, that is values, which you will later sell to people to acquire tangible money, what a profitable errand!”

2. Passive Errands

“Think Passive Errands! Think Passive Income!”

Passive Errands simply is channeling your income into business systems that generate income passively, that is, without having to constantly monitor it , or exchanging your time for money.

The first step to Passive Errands is to use your money to create something valuable (either online or otherwise), then allowing what you’ve created to work out/generate income for you, without your participation.

One way to send your money on Passive Errands is by

– Creating a product/service that solves a problem or gives pleasure (something valuable), and then releases it to work for you.ย 

3. Idea Errand

Mind you, “your idea is an intangible form ofย  money”. We are in the era of information and ideas, having crucial information or ideas can liberate you from financial crises.

Sending your ideas (intangible money) errands does not necessarily require you to have tangible money or skill (isn’t this nice to hear?..winks), it involves you being able to generate ideas, which will solve one or two pending problems.

ย It’s your idea that you will send errands (and getting ideas does not mean you have to be skilled in a thing or the other initially, in other words, skill is not necessarily needed to generate ideas).

Use your brain, imaginations and observation of the environment to get ideas which you can send errands by selling, or create it in reality to earn money.

“The business of making money is simple, but it demands that one has profitable knowledge”.

You don’t have financial crises, it’s the crises of ideas/knowledge that makes you poor, when you start sending your money on profitable errands, it will begin to work for you profitably!

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