Challenges facing third world countries

Challenges facing third world countries

The third world countries can also be called LDCs – Less Develop Countries. The third world countries battle with different economic obstacles, political instability and others. Those challenges are centered on them. These countries were still struggling with the problems, they couldn’t curb them i.e. persisting. They became attribute to these countries.

According to United Nations, when they are talking of countries with low index which are suffering from fundamental problems and these was used to define the,. Example of these countries in Africa are Nigeria, Somalia, Uganda and in Asia includes Haiti, India and other.


A particular confinement that caged most countries in terms of their economic development. Most third world countries always found themselves in this circle. The reasons are because most of them are not innovating, creativity and technological develop. They continue to apply the same method and get the same result. But for change they need to eradicate those method using before. In case of production, most LDCs usually have low investment from there, capital deficiency and the demand also low. They also have little income and demand. It is impossible for their capitalist to make more than his production.


This is the amount that a capital makes from their investment as profit which is directly added to the capital. Most LDCs saves their money not mainly for investment but for consumption’s sake. Many of them are not expanding due to they fail to accumulate. 


Foreign trade is also known as international trade. Is a type of trade that occurred between two or more traders from different countries with the use of exchange rate; the sole aim of foreign trade is to increase the level of economy of individual states in terms of foreign reserve, importation and exportation of goods, technology transfer, managerial transfer, expertise grows etc. Foreign trade constraint addresses the inability of LDCs to expand the scope of their trading activities with other foreign traders for economic growth. The fact that most LDCs are faced with fundamental problems and most importantly capital accumulation with traders or other countries is very low which has in turn deny their economic growth.


They don’t have capable earns. Most people input to this position are not acquainted. Most input to this position to carried out the activities are not well-equipped. Most first and second world countries always look for quality among their little population such as level of interaction, level of communication with customers etc. Most developing countries look for this application while LDCs lack the aspects.


The population of LDCs especially the ratio of the population of these countries to the ratio of educated ones you will come to know they (LDCs) lack education. A nation that fails to prioritize education is doomed already. A nation should do anything possible to educate his people. The rate of crime has gone far because most of them were not educate. They lack quality education.

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