The paradox of world economy

The paradox of world economy

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well lets talk about it the alarming and daily uprising dollar, the effects it leaves us with, i mean let’s not pretend like there’s no hunger crisis in your country like poverty isn’t becoming more over the rise like politicians aren’t securing their with our own, but I mean may be it’s just my opinion coz amidst all these we still have standard citizens living life off the top like the daily rising bills don’t bother nor affect them, maybe just maybe they have their ways their secrets or whatsoever…in my opinion I think that it’s possible to live off life to the fullest too I mean no one enjoys poverty, or the never ending incoming expenses, you can be standard citizen too  you just need the right mindset, right path and have an  idea nowhere to start. So with that know the only to start like to really start is by accepting that this how it is that the gas prices never going to reduce the subscriptions are not becoming lesser nor the are fees money reducing well not to be negative or anything but it’s the harsh truth the world is growing times changing , it is time to see things for what they are that you have a fucked up governance that’s been screwing you over with your money but  I mean your used to it not knowing when to speak up when to step up nor when to fight bs you dumbass yet you want to complain about the worlds economy state behind backseats and closed curtains such a really but as they let the rich be richer and poor become ? that’s on really .


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    The sense of hope that came from reading this

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