“jambo” ever come across the phrase….well, its a polite way of saying “how are you” in my mother land Kenya. Today I want to take you through what it feels like to be in Kenya, and give you a reason why you should consider visiting our country…Kenya is one of the 54 countries in Africa and is located east of Africa our neighboring countries being Tanzania and Uganda. Kenya is well known for its prowess in the athletics field and well we are proud of our own athletes , including the legendries  Kipchoge Keino, Paul Tergat, Catherine ndereba and so on to our new heroes Eliud kipchoge, Ezekiel kemboi, David rudisha and many more who have always flew our flag high in the competitions. Other than athletics, did you know that Nairobi, Kenya’s  capital city is the only city in the world with a national park within the city? we are blessed with most of the ” big 5 members” within the park. Down the coastal part of Kenya, we have Mombasa known for the Indian ocean, and a period of sunshine between July through to October where tourist  visit in  large numbers to experience the season and also learn more about the culture of the people there. we are divided into 42 different ethnical groups and each has its own culture. One interesting ethical group you would love to learn more about is the Masai community characterized with the unique dressing code, their kind of foods and their nomadic life. Did you know ,the masai  raise their children collectively as a community? The physical features in Kenya are also amazing with the famous great Rift valley believed to have been formed 25 million years ago and how big it is with approximately 6500 kilometers long, and 60 kilometers wide. we also have the largest desert lake in the world  Lake Turkana. This and many more you get to experience with a visit to Kenya.

visit Kenya and enjoy its uniqueness .




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      Patriot to my Country, Kenya. Great piece.

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