For several generation’s, sex was a topic that wasn’t openly discussed. Knowledge on sex was not shared to people across all age groups  since it was takes to be something that only “adults” were allowed to be educated on. This all changed with technology and the internet.

Everyone ,from young to old, has the ability to access the internet with its broadened content on sex information and easy accessibility in current time.

People from all across the world have come together on social platforms to create safe spaces to talk about sex. They have created communities that help get rid of sexual stigma and educate on matters sex. One example being Instagram: there are accounts that are meant for sharing  personal sexual experiences anonymously and getting advice from followers and also sex education streams to teach general sex knowledge. Such platforms make it easy for anyone interested to share and also to learn.

The majority active users of the internet being youth and teenagers, they are exposed to such insightful information on sex. In current times the young people become sexually active at an early age, and not all parents are comfortable educating them on how to go about it especially when it comes to using protection. This is where the internet steps in and gives them the answers they are looking for about their bodies and sexuality through videos and articles. But its not only the young because everyone has questions they’d like answered concerning sex and also their bodies.

Different groups of people with different needs have been able to come together through the internet and support each other. A great illustration being, the LGBTQ+ community who have used the internet to support each other as they claim to have their place in the society


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  1. Teresia Mwaura

    With every information we need being in the internet it has its on advantages and disadvantages

  2. Carson Anekeya

    Your article explores into an essential aspect of modern connectivity – the influence of the internet on sex education. It’s fascinating to see how social media platforms like Instagram have evolved into spaces that foster open discussions and educate on sex-related topics. The creation of communities dedicated to breaking down sexual stigmas is commendable, providing individuals with a safe haven to share personal experiences and gain valuable advice anonymously.
    Thanks for sharing.

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